What causes potholes and why they’re so dangerous
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February 27, 2019
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April 15, 2019

What causes potholes and why they’re so dangerous

The title of this blog post might be a little confusing. Because, let’s be honest, of course potholes are dangerous!

Despite this, they’re still unfortunately a very common sight on UK roads. And that makes them something many of us seem to simply put up with and accept as being the norm.

Thankfully, if you have a private road, driveway or car park, there’s an answer to your pothole woes (hey, give us a call!), but it’s worth a reminder for us all about why they appear and why they’re so dangerous.

Why potholes are born

There are three main reasons why potholes appear on roads:

1) Weather

We don’t exactly suffer from some of the horrendously low temperatures and boat-loads of snow you see in countries like Canada, but the weather in the UK still causes havoc with the roads.

Snow, ice and heavy rainfall are all capable of producing potholes, either immediately or slowly after a period of time.

2) Pressure

Roads are put through a lot of stress in their lifetime, and the general everyday wear and tear caused by traffic can take its toll.

Modern roads usually consist of several layers of compressed granite and sand, and that can create what’s known as ‘pressure weaknesses’. As thousands of tonnes of vehicles drive over this hardened mass, the constituent elements of the road can break down even more.

Eventually, this compression will lead to cracks which can in turn become craters – or potholes, as we more commonly refer to them!

3) Time

When a small crack appears on a road, it won’t take long for it to turn into something much more significant – particularly if it isn’t seen to and made good or repaired entirely.

Time plays havoc with roads, and what was once a perfect piece of asphalt can quickly become something far more dangerous. This is why it’s so important for road owners to ensure their tarmac is well maintained and regularly serviced.

What’s wrong with potholes?

Some potholes are big, some are small – but all present the following common problems and serious threats for motorists and other road users:

1) They cause damage to vehicles

Potholes can damage alloy wheels, suspension and cause punctures. Some of the damage can be minor, but it can sometimes result in huge repair bills.

2) They can cause accidents

If a pothole is particularly deep or badly placed on a road, it can cause accidents as cars either swerve to avoid or hit it and are sent off course.

3) They’re dangerous for cyclists

Potholes don’t only present danger for motorists – cyclists who fail to spot a bad pothole can be very easily sent off their bike in the worst instances.

4) They look unpleasant

Let’s not forget that potholes are also an eyesore. If you operate a private road, driveway or car park, a bunch of potholes will look bad and might even put people off using your services.

Need pothole repair?

Let’s get those potholes sorted! If you need a road repair and don’t want to pay a fortune for the privilege, you can call on the services of our team. Get in touch today to find out more.

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