Signs your private driveway needs repairing
What causes potholes and why they’re so dangerous
March 16, 2019

Signs your private driveway needs repairing

A private driveway is a fantastic asset to have, whether it’s at your home or for your business. It provides a quiet, relaxed drive into the premises and it’s your own stretch of tarmac which, technically, no one else can use (unless you allow them to!).

However, just like anything in life, private driveways need repairing and, sometimes, re-tarmacking. The key to ensuring any issues with your private driveway are resolved before they create bigger problems lies in identifying the early warning signs.

With that in mind, here are the most common signs that your private driveway needs repairing.

It hasn’t been touched since it was first laid

How long ago was your private driveway built? If the tarmac was put down decades ago, it will almost certainly need some repair work carrying out.

Roads should – and do – last for many, many years, but the best roads retain their as-new feel simply because they’re well maintained. And this isn’t something you can generally do yourself; beyond regular cleaning, you’ll need to call in the services of a road repair specialist to bring it back to its best.

Potholes are appearing

There’s nothing more frustrating than a road filled with numerous potholes, or one that features the occasional yet incredibly deep pothole.

Potholes often form after bouts of bad weather – particularly in the winter when snow hits the ground. However, they can appear over time simply due to the weight of traffic and general wear and tear.

The good news? Potholes can be repaired to the point you’d never know they were there in the first place – providing you bring in the experts to carry out the work. If left, they’ll only get worse and potentially cause serious damage to the vehicles that use your private driveway.

People are complaining of a rough ride

Are your employees, customers or guests complaining of a tricky, rough ride towards your premises? That private driveway might be to blame.

Whether it’s your home or business, the driveway is the first experience many people will have of your property, therefore to ensure it’s a good one, you may need to invest in some road repair work. It’s more cost effective and less disruptive than you might think!

You’ve noticed damage to your wheels

Potholes and rough road surfaces will cause havoc with the vehicles that use them. Suspension can take a battering, wheels can be deformed and alloys easily damaged.

If you’ve noticed more damage to your alloy wheels than normal or an increase in stone chips on the lower parts of the vehicle’s bodywork, your private driveway might be to blame. And what better reason do you need to finally invest in that driveway repair service?


Having your private driveway repaired isn’t as expensive as you might think. What’s more, if you call on the services of Car Park Repairs, your business or home life won’t be disrupted; we’ll carry out the necessary work at a time that is most convenient for you and anyone else who uses the private road.

We can also tarmac private driveways if you simply need a new layer or are having a brand new driveway installed. Just give our friendly team a call today on 0800 5202333 to arrange.

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