Pothole Repairs

Pothole Repairs

Most of us have hit a pothole at some stage. Sometimes, it’ll be nothing more than an irritating bump, while others can cause significant damage to wheels and tyres.

Imagine if your business was the owner of the road or car park that had fallen into disrepair, causing expensive damage to countless customer cars. Not a great thought, is it?

At CRS we’ve spent years developing a robust approach to fixing potholes on driveways, private roads, sports grounds and car parks. We can be with you quickly and will complete the job at a time that causes the least disruption to your business.

Don’t let a pothole get worse
Potholes are usually the result of roads that have fallen into disrepair over a significant amount of time, but they can appear quickly after bad weather, too. If left, they simply get worse, thus increasing the chances of causing significant damage to the vehicles that use the road in question.

When you run a business that owns a road or car park and potholes appear, you can expect people to claim against your business if their vehicle is damaged as a result of running over the potholes. This will be an expense and degree of stress you won’t have planned for, which is why it simply isn’t worth leaving potholes to get worse.

What’s more, if a pothole becomes significantly bad, it could be a real hazard for drivers and result in accidents on your premises.

One point of contact for your pothole repair
Businesses choose CRS to repair potholes because we provide a full-service fix from start to finish. There’s no need to call in anyone else or wait for multiple revisits – we have all the tools and know-how required to fix your potholes quickly and safely.

In order to minimise the disruption to your business, we’ll work directly with you to ensure we arrive on site at a time that is the most convenient for you and which won’t impact your working hours our customer movements.

Let CRS make your private road, carpark, driveway or sports ground safe once more!

How do we do it?
Repairing potholes isn’t as simple as filling them and levelling over – it requires a high degree of skill in resurfacing roads, and our team benefits from significant, on-going training in just that.

We start with a survey to check for underground services that might disrupt our work before moving onto adding a ‘colas’ compound to prevent future water penetration. Then, we lay a base tarmac, which is levelled before adding a topping course tarmac, known as the ‘wearing course’.

The area is then allowed to cool for a short period of time before deemed ready for use, but we won’t leave site until we’re completely happy with the job.

Contact us today
If you’d like to discuss our pothole repair service in more detail, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch with our friendly team today.