nationwide pothole repairs and resurfacing

we provide NATIONWIDE POTHOLE REPAIRs and resurfacing for private roads and public highways

From the smallest asphalt pothole repair to large commercial car park overlay and construction.

There’s nothing worse than driving over a deep pothole and wrecking the tyre or wheel of your vehicle. If you operate a car park, private road or industrial estate and leave potholes untouched, they’ll worsen, create an eyesore and cause damage to vehicles,

At CRS we provide pothole repairs and resurfacing for private roads, driveways, car parks and sports grounds. We also have the tools and know-how to fix damage on surfaces such as tennis courts and running tracks.

The dangers of leaving potholes

Potholes are often caused by bad weather or tarmac that has simply outlived its usefulness. Unfortunately, once a pothole forms, it won’t take long for it to worsen, and the results can be terrible for both vehicle owners and the owner of the land.

If someone cracks an alloy wheel or punctures a tyre as a result of driving over a pothole on your premises, they may try and claim compensation. Worse still, in the age of social media, it’s not uncommon for people to take photographs of particularly bad potholes and distribute them online for the world to see. The subsequent brand damage can be costly.

Potholes might be an eyesore, but they can extremely dangerous, too. If located on a sharp bend, for instance, an icy morning might result in a vehicle hitting the pothole and causing an accident.

If you spot a pothole in your facility, a quick call to CRS will ensure it is seen to quickly, efficiently and at a cost that won’t break any maintenance budget.

pothole repairs from start to finish

One of the biggest advantages of calling on CRS for pothole repairs and resurfacing work is that we provide a complete one-stop-service. There’s no need to call in other trades or wait for revisits; our team has the plant machinery and equipment needed to complete all aspects of the job.

We’ll work directly with you to ensure we attend site at a time that is most convenient for your business to minimise disruption and ensure the work can be undertaken as swiftly as possible. We want to make your car park, private road or industrial estate safe once more, but we’ll do so in a way that won’t inconvenience your business or its customers.

How do we repair potholes?

There’s a lot more to pothole repair than simply filling the hole and levelling it off. Our team is highly experienced in all forms of resurfacing work, and understands what it takes to repair a pothole safely and in a manner that ensures it doesn’t reappear.

There are six steps to our pothole repair method:

  • We’ll survey the location and check for underground services that might disrupt the work or be the root cause of the pothole.
  • A compound known as ‘colas’ will be used to seal the tarmac joints. This prevents water penetration before we lay new tarmac.
  • Base tarmac is applied, levelled and then rolled with the latest equipment.
  • A topping course tarmac known as the ‘wearing course’ is then applied and levelled again by our roller compactor.
  • A period of cooling will ensure the tarmac is ready for use by pedestrians and vehicles without marks being made.
  • Our team carries out the final touches and removes all excess building materials.